Bruce King

Bruce King is an Oneida painter, playwright, musician, and actor. He is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and this page mainly features paintings for sale.  King is all about story telling, which he considers the foundation of good art.  He brings his own unique creative process to his narrative works.  King begins each painting by applying thin oil or acrylic paint to canvas, and then he allows the diluted washes to drip. The resulting streams of colors merge naturally, forming the shapes that morph into horses, people, trees, and landscapes.

Heather Greene Sculptor

Heather Söderberg-Greene was a bright, beautiful and curious baby who from early on had a fascination with her father working in a Flagstaff, AZ bronze foundry. At a year old her father gave Heather some soft wax and hours later she had created a sculpture of what appeared to be 5 variations of the female form. By the age of 2, she sculpted over 100 pieces, which her father cast in bronze. At 3 she sold 30 sculptures at her first art show and was hired to sculpt her first commission, she was also showing her work in art galleries from Scottsdale, AZ to Houston, TX. Heather gained national and worldwide attention as a young sculpting prodigy when her story was featured by Paul Harvey, People Magazine, National Geographic World, and “That’s Incredible”.

Chris Manwaring Painter

Armed with his training, patience and paint, Manwaring can be found roaming the mountains of the West. He is determined to be as truthful as possible as he translates nature onto his stark- white canvas. When he returns home to his family (Pauline, Jeremy, Cole, Cale, Parker and Olivia), he finds great joy in producing larger paintings. His hope is that others will feel the peace and solace he feels as he is out in nature and the excitement he experiences producing art in his studio.

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