Thomas Mcintyre Bend Oregon Painter

As long as I can remember I have been moved by moments filled with texture, color and simple beauty.  I am drawn to things that are tangible in nature and real.  Be it years of patina worn by a trusty piece of steel, a rock shaped by the lashing of waves over millions of years or an old scrap of wood weathered through time, hanging onto the memories of its past seen through the remnants of years of coated paint.  These things are special to me, they always have been. They tell a story, one that is evokes honesty, is full and rich in history that is unique to itself and not only are they beautiful, for me, I find them thought provoking, and this is how I paint.

Years ago I thought I'd give this painting thing a try.  I've always loved the idea of painting but I didn't even know where to begin... Long story short, during one of my first attempts I was not happy with what I had done so I grabbed a piece of flat steel and scraped the paint off of the canvas. I was using acrylic and oil paints, a mix of heavy and light bodies and with some iridescent medium.  To my surprise, I created something that looked like it had been there for thousands of years. I was floored by the textures throughout and how the contrast between warm and cool and matte and gloss colors came together yet continuing to be their own.  I realized right then, this process gave me that same feeling I get when I stumble upon one of those simple moments that I so love.

I try to create something that is not only aesthetically pleasing  for a room but I want it to be a conversation piece. Something that someone will have to walk up to and give it a good look, maybe wonder about my process all the while coming up with their own idea of what it looks like.