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Unique Handmade Jewelry Designers represented in Bend, Oregon

Nina Nguyen Unique Handmade Jewelry


​Nina's world travels have influenced her creativity and her life experiences inspire her.  As a young girl growing up in war-torn Vietnam, Nina loved to help her uncle, a goldsmith, in his jewelry casting foundry working with locally-panned gold. Since that early age she has been designing jewelry. Her mother took the children to America, passing through a Philippine refugee camp along the way. After relocating to the United States, she kept designing jewelry as a hobby throughout her high school and university years.

In 2004 Nina took a life changing journey to India. While backpacking with her now-husband, she was inspired by the vibrant saris and colorful gemstones embedded in the jewelry as worn in the sub-continent. Afterwards Nina ambitiously changed her career from the financial industry to start her own jewelry design firm, Nina Nguyen Designs.

One of Nina’s personal goals is to support some of Vietnam’s neediest: homeless children of the indigenous Vietnamese. She and her grandmother are beginning to make plans for an orphanage in the remote central highlands of Vietnam.

Nina's international travels and her innate artistic flair for fashion have helped her gain tremendous success. Within the past few years her line has appeared in many prestigious boutiques and jewelry showrooms as well as being featured in press articles around the globe. Nina’s business growth is sustained by her seasonal updates to the collections, and an expanding network of retailers.

Her collections combine light-hearted, bold styling with understated elegance. Nina’s emphasis on brightly-colored stones creates a unique style that enhances the confidence and beauty of every woman who wears her jewelry.