Bronze sculptor Reg Parsons

Sculpted subjects such as the Golden Eagle, North American wildlife, the Western Rodeo Series, the Lab Puppy Series, the impressionist Series of Creation, and his whimsical bronze pieces that bring a smile, demonstrate the versatility of this award-winning Canadian wildlife bronze artist. His art work is original, and appealing to a wide range of art lovers. It can be found in cooperate and private collections around the world and is displayed in fine art galleries throughout western Canada and the United States.

Reg Parsons resides in Cranbrook, BC, and was commissioned by the City in 2007 to sculpt a monument of a sow grizzly and her two cubs, “On Donely Slide”, for the Cranbrook Airport. His bronze sculptures, and their often clever titles are in keeping with his personal nature: a love of wildlife all his life, precise adherence to minute detail, joy in the beauty and power of creation, and the humble appreciation of his talent and good fortune to be doing something he loves.