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Unique Handmade Jewelry Designers represented in Bend, Oregon

Alex Sepkus Handcrafted Designer Jewelry

New York

A master of design and a true original in today’s world, Alex Sepkus is first a craftsman whose priority is beauty, whose insight and passion for his work are his driving force in life and whose abilities lie within his hands. “ I do not keep my technique a secret. It’s simply the thing that I do with my fingers that transfer the idea from my head to the material.”

A voracious reader, Alex’s greatest inspiration comes from engrossing himself within the pages of great literary works.  He gets lost in a world that brings him thousands of different ideas. “When I design a piece of jewelry, it is as if I am writing a book.  Each design is a chapter, not in words but in shapes and textures.  I make precious stones and cold metal speak.”

A native of Vilnius, Alex received his graduate degree in industrial design from the Lithuanian Academy of Arts. His studies included interiors, glass making, sculpture, etchings and graphics and his graduate works was ultimately in jewelry design. With a strong understanding and respect for precision and balance, personified by his father, a well-respected architect, Alex developed a great passion for the intricacies of his craft, creating a world that can be truly appreciated only under a microscope. 

Alex immigrated to the United States in 1988. Within a few years, he met a talented young entrepreneur and jeweler, Jeffrey Feero, whose business savvy was a perfect compliment to Alex’s creative genius. Quickly garnering the attention and respect of his peers, Alex Sepkus’ efforts earned him the Jewelers of America New Designer of the Year Award within his first 5 years. Gaining national and international recognition, Alex’s designs are coveted masterpieces and are showcased in over 130 of the finest specialty stores around the country from Fox’s in Seattle to Bergdorf Goodman in New York.

Today Alex Sepkus employs 17 Craftsmen who work side by side with him to execute the difficult hand finishing that makes his jewels so distinct. Each craftsman’s bench has a microscope mounted to swing in and out in order to insure the fineness and delicacy required of each piece. Unique to Alex Sepkus is the 18th century “loupe” utilized to invite shoppers, customers and admirers to inspect the intricacies of each piece of art and to appreciate the fine detail that raises the standard of excellence of all work that carries the Alex Sepkus name.